Microblade Hairstroke Application

Color choice of brow pigment is customized to the individual preference of the client.  Immediate results are darker then a healed brow area and will remain that way for about one week post procedure.  As the brow heals the color will lighten. At least two application sessions, four weeks apart are usually needed for final results.  Shaded brow applications take 3-4 weeks for color to develop, microblade hairstrokes take 6-8 weeks to develop. Individual results will vary depending on skin type.

Brow strokes created by "microblading" or "hand tapping the pigment into the skin in a new trend in permanent makeup.  This technique creates individual "hairs" within the brow shape.  This particular technique must be reapplied every 12-18 months.  Kelly can give you all the details on this technique during your free consultation!!