Q & A


                                   Permanent Makeup Questions and Answers 



Q.  Is Permanent Makeup like tattooing?


A.  Because we are placing pigment into the second layer of the skin it is a form of tattooing, but it is very different.  The permanent makeup technician uses pigments which are hypoallergenic cosmetic colors that have been specifically created for delicate tissue enhancements.  The machine and needles used are also quite different.  The sterile disposable needles used are of a fine gauge that are designed for facial tissue.



Q.  Is Permanent Makeup safe?


A.  Yes.  The Permanent Makeup pigments that are used today have undergone extensive research.  These cosmetic pigments have been created to be as safe as possible.  The needles used are of the finest gauge, sterile and disposable.  They are used only once.  The permanent makeup machine has a closed loop system with no chance of cross contamination.



Q.  Is the area numbed before the Permanent Makeup procedure?


A.   The permanent makeup technician initially applies a mixture of 5% topical lidocaine to the area twenty minutes prior to the beginning of the procedure.  After the area is partially numbed, the area is gently abraded with a sterile needle.  The other numbing cream is then applied and contains a small amount of epinephrine.  The cream has a dual effect of numbing the area and constricting the small blood vessels. This will prevent bleeding to allow precise placement of the pigment under the top layer of the skin.


Q.  Will it look natural?

A.  In theory, permanent makeup is designed for daytime wear.  To add a touch of glamour for the evening, you can always apply a little pencil.  Moderation is always recommended for permanent makeup because styles and fashion do change over time as done the look of  the skin with the normal aging process.  As a widely held belief in the industry, permanent makeup, well applied looks more natural.

Q.  Approx how long does each permanent makeup procedure take?

A.  This depends on the amount of time needed to decide on color and mix them then to draw the shape of the brow or liner.  Anywhere from one to two hours per procedure application.

Q.  Will Permanent Makeup fade over time?

A.  Exposure to sunlight, UV light or certain skin care products will fade permanent makeup.  Your own body breaks down foreign substances over time.  

Q.  Is it true that I could not have an MRI if I have Permanent Cosmetics??

A.  No.  Some of the colored pigments which are used may contain synthetic iron oxides which have a slight magnetic property.  When undergoing a MRI you may or may not experience a slight warm sensation over the pigment.

Q.  How many sessions does a person usually require for the final finished result.

A.  Everyone is different and individual skin will react in one's own unique way.  Typically most people require two sessions to get good color intensity and definition.  Others may require a little more application. 


Q.  Why does microbladed brows only last 12-18 months?


A.  The application process for microbladed hair strokes is very different than other permanent makeup application.  This fall into more of a semi permanent catagory because they will fade out in 12-18 months and need to be refreshed or reapplied.   


Q.  Does everyones application of eyeliner, lips or brows last the same amount of time??


A.  No....everyone has different body chemistry and different enviromental factors.  There is no guarantee how long the application will last.